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    The Armored School has no instructors? Oh, we have a number of comrades who have been trained in this field in the Soviet Union. Let them work part-time first. In addition, comrades in Son Tay, Henan, Shandong, and Hebei should try to try harder, blow up a few more tanks, and capture some armored personnel. The staff is ready!

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    At Dai Phong port, the atmosphere became extremely solemn. Ozawa Ozawa immediately contacted Hitomi Shoichiro. Hitomi Shoichiro expressed that he would fully cooperate with Ozawa United's actions. The current situation is very strange, the Chinese 4th Army suddenly showed its strength and swallowed the entire regiment on the southern front. Just an hour later, their main force, the 10th Division, was suddenly mobilized to launch a rapid and fierce attack in Dafeng's direction. Within half an hour, nearly a hundred imperial soldiers were driven back to their homeland in Japan. The opponent's almost arrogant attitude of not paying any attention to the Japanese army angered the navy, which had always been at odds with the army. They vowed to give the 10th Division some color to see!

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    Xue Jianqiang said: “I'm back.” Looking at Sophie and seeing her rosy face, he felt reassured and smiled and said: "You are recovering very well."

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    Director Li tried his best to brag about the strength of the Shengli oilfield... In fact, all major oilfields in China have many types of businesses, in addition to launching various types of factories oil and derivative chemical products, they also go abroad to provide oil and gas to countries in need. Surveying, exploiting, refining, technical training and other businesses, of course if you take Having an oil field would be great. their magical powers. Shengli Oil Field has also done a lot of business like this to help others exploit oil. To put it bluntly, it's Helping others build all the facilities, exploit the oil, get the entire oil field's operations on track, then collect the money and leave. If the customer is stupid enough, they can also process the feedstock — the customer ships the extracted crude, they are responsible for refining it, and then ships it back to the customer to earn a processing fee. Seeing Xue Jianqiang's embarrassed expression, Director Li immediately smelled the smell of gold money, eager to get this big deal.

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    However, the laser-guided 120mm mortar round they developed was favored by Xue Jianqiang and required on-site testing. Well, the base is big enough anyway, and the weapon testers are all free, so let's give it a try. Therefore, Lao Kuang organized an attack test, three artillery complexes fired at a target six thousand meters away, under the guidance of the instructor, the bullets fired could be said to be perfect, all were perfect. accurately hit the target, the error was no more than three meters. Upon learning that this ammunition was not provocative and that even old-style 120mm Type 64 mortars could be fired, Xue Jianqiang immediately made a decision and signed a letter of intent to order 10,000 rounds bullet.

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    He didn't need to remind the lieutenant commander to see that on the burning cannon was a piece of paper with a picture drawn on it: four American soldiers surrounding a little girl wearing a kimono, a lewd smile on her face. absentmindedly, that the Terrified Little Girl clutched her skirt and backed away... This was not just drawn with a piece of straw paper and a piece of charcoal, but a colorful oil painting, and every character was as vivid as ever. true from form to spirit. Four American soldiers have written on their bodies: Navy Red Deer, Army Red Deer, Air Force Red Deer, and Marine Red Deer, with no other written descriptions, but fearful expressions on their faces. and the girl's helplessness was the same for the American soldiers. The obscene smile made it clear - this was not mocking the fact that Japan was being rotated by the US Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. star crushing session! A group of Japanese soldiers looked at the painting with veins bulging on their foreheads. A squad leader angrily shouted: "Baga!" He flew up and kicked the mortar. The platoon leader suddenly had a bad feeling and shouted: "Stop——" Unfortunately, he told people to stop but didn't tell them to stop, so this kick decisively landed on the mortar, kicking it away. . was hard enough, and it was kicked immediately!

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