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    After Kesselring woke up and had just finished eating something, the head of state sent someone to find him, saying it was urgent. Kesselring did not dare to be negligent and immediately went to Wolf Castle.

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    It gets dark very quickly. On the Mongolian plateau, the cold wind howled, powdered snow flew, the cold was bone-chilling, in this spooky weather, staying in the wilderness for even a second was miserable. But no one in the Eighth Route Army dared to hide in the warm tents. They wore thick winter training uniforms, lay in the cold trenches and stared vigilantly at the battlefield. The Japanese army is not as stupid as in anti-Japanese movies, they are strictly trained, disciplined and have high tactical skills, many Japanese generals have the instinct to find the enemy's weaknesses, this is not an easy task to deal with. Dealing with opponents, any move to disregard them will cost you blood. Although Yang Yongfu was always in the Soviet Union, he only had a brief engagement with the Japanese army in Yancheng before the Battle of Suiyuan. Among the five armored brigade commanders, he was the least experienced in combat. fight against the Japanese army. Because of his lack of experience, he was extremely careful, not only placing tens of thousands of mines in front of the defense line, but also sending several infrared thermal imaging cameras to monitor the movements of the Japanese army, and at the same time ordered to launch a flare every five minutes, and the air defense force was also on high alert, he didn't want to be bombed by the Japanese air force at night - the Japanese army was very good at this.

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    Neji Okamura smiled bitterly and said: “If we continue to fight, we will also be finished, and all these divisions will be destroyed… Give an order, Japan does not have many soldiers left that can fight, We cannot use these precious troops for nothing buried in Suiyuan!”